About Darius N. Meier


Darius N. Meier is a Swiss-Indian Political Economist and studied at the Swiss Universities of Basel, Lucerne and Zurich as well as in Mexico (ITAM) and France (Université Charles-de-Gaulle). He has worked for several Swiss and International companies in the medical sector, chemical industry, tourist industry, and retail business. Having written articles about new technologies and Middle Eastern Policy, he is also an experienced communicator versed in German, English, Hindi/Urdu, French, Spanish, and Brazilian-Portuguese.

Currently, he works in the field of Cybersecurity & Automation at PwC and has published various articles on societal challenges in the light of new technologies such as Blockchain.

Finally, he actively partakes in regional Party Politics in the role of Co-President of the Commission for Economic Policy.

For further information, please contact darius.meier@gmail.com

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